2014 Annual Spring Conference: Presentations

For your convenience, Original Slide View and Handout Note Format (3 slides per page) are available for each presentation.

The 6 Essential Elements of Well-Being (Ruby Hayasaka & Michael Tengan)

Keynote Speaker: The Top Ten Factors Impacting Your Career (Glenna McCollum)

Coding and Nutrition Coverage (Jessie Pavlinac)

Feeding the World – The Role of Sustainability and Biotechnology with the Global Agricultural Landscape (International Food Information Council):
Consumer Perceptions of Food Biotechnology & Sustainability (Marianne Smith-Edge)

GMOs: What Does the Science Say? (Alan McHughen)

Farmer’s Perspective (Jennifer Schmidt)

Dietitian’s Perspective (Connie Diekman)

President’s Summary (Sally Belles)

Nutrition and the Media (Sarah Jane Bedwell)

Children’s Healthy Living Project: Building a Pacific Way to Wellness (Rachel Novotny, Marie Kainoa Fialkowski, Jodi Leslie, Treena Delormier and Reynolette Ettienne)


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