Overview and presentations: HDA Renal Nutrition Conference

The HDA Renal Nutrition Conference held on January 27, 2015 was attended by over 80 RD/RDNs.

Dr. Ramona Wong was our keynote speaker who focused on effective MNT counseling skills including motivational interviewing, shared decision making and physician collaboration. Carrie Mukaida, MS, RD, LD, CSR spoke on the art of nutrition care for CKD patients. Shirley Seeger, RD CDE and Caroline Hamatake, MPH, RD shared their expertise in a panel discussion. Ruby Hayasaka, MS, MA, RD spoke on opportunities and gifts in today’s healthcare environment. Mahalo to Ruby and Castle Medical Center for providing the venue and lunch meal for this event!

2015_01_27_Renal_RD_Speakers_PanelHere are the PowerPoint presentations of

Dr. Ramona Wong

Carrie Mukaida