2015 Annual Spring Conference: Presentations

For your convenience,  Slide View (6 slides per page) and Handout Note Format (3 slides per page) are available for each presentation.

Reducing Obesity and Related Chronic Disease Risk in Children and Youth  (Pat Crawford PhD, RD – Keynote Speaker)

The Diabetic’s Diet: An Endocrinologist Perspective (Dr. Tom, MD)

Identification and Documentation of Adult and Pediatric Malnutrition: The Academy/ASPEN Collaboration (Jane White, PhD, RD, FAND, LDN)

Making Connections – Students (Ann Ditzler MBA, MS, RD, LD)

Consumer Protection: It’s Our Priority (Amy Tousman, MPH, RD, LD CDE)


Restoring the ‘Medicine’ to the Modern Diet (Jo Robinson, Investigative Journalist)

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