Events and Continuing Education

HAND members are constantly working on organizing events and offering continuing education opportunities to its membership.

The HAND Annual Spring Conference & Exhibits, is the marquee event for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics members in Hawai‘i, drawing nearly half of its total membership. Presentations and speakers range a variety of nutrition topics and practice areas. Sponsors and vendors, often close working partners and professional associates in the community, are welcome to join in on the conference activities. Information about the conference and sponsorship are posted within available timelines.

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Do you have a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) opportunity to offer HAND members?

Additionally, you may consider the following options to fulfill your CPE requirements:

  • For free Web-based CPE opportunities, visit MedEdToday, search by category, using the drop-down menu to choose Profession, then Dietitian. Most of the continuing education opportunities relate to diabetes.
  • For more diabetes-related continuing education, visit the “Lecture Hall” of Present Diabetes. You can sort the lectures by CDR or CDE to surface learning topics that have CPE opportunities at no charge.
  • Skelly Publishing also offers free live and on-demand CPE webinars for RDs. Go to their home page to sign up for their monthly e-newsletter to be notified of upcoming free CPE events. Print and online self-study programs are also available.
  • Dietitian Central is another venue that has been providing services to registered dietitians for more than 10 years. They are now providing free webinars for CPEU in addition to other services such as job postings and forums. As an accredited provider of continuing education by the CDR, Dietitian Central offers a variety of continuing education courses for registered dietitians, including FREE webinars and FREE CPEU. Dietitian Central also offers career placement, RD forums, salary surveys, and other services for the Registered Dietitian. There is no charge to join our community.
  • The Journal of AND offers CPE articles and you can complete the quizzes online for the free. Go to the AND website and click on For Members on the top menu bar. Log in and access My Journal Quiz in the left menu bar.