Russell Kokobun, BBA, Big Island Farmer

A local boy, born & raised, Mr. Kokubun is deeply rooted in Hawai`i. Having
graduated from Punahou, Russell went onto Southern Methodist University
before returning to Hawai`i to pursue his passion in agriculture on the Big Island.
Active in the various agricultural ventures for a number of years, Mr. Kokubun
transitioned into his political career in 1984. Serving in various political roles on
the Big Island, he eventually took his seat at the Hawai`i State Senate in 2000
where he represented the 2nd Senatorial District. During his tenure, Mr. Kokubun
well represented local agricultural interests, participating in various committees
such as Energy and Environment; Water, Land, Agriculture, and Hawaiian Affairs;
and Ways and Means. Mr. Kokubun is perhaps best know for his spearheading
the 2050 Sustainability Task Force & Plan which assessed, strategized, and
implemented actionable items to transition Hawai`i to a higher degree of
sustainability long-term. Russell, recently retired from his position as Chairman
of the Hawai`i State Department of Agriculture, and has returned to his ‘roots’
farming back on the Big Island.