Rethink Your Drink Campaign

“On November 13, the Department of Health released effectiveness data for its three-month long Rethink Your Drink campaign which aired earlier this year.  The campaign urged Hawaii teens to swap sugary drinks for water and other healthier beverages.  Teens in Hawaii consume more sugary drinks than any other age group, with 46 percent reporting that they consume sugary drinks daily, totaling about 1300 extra calories per week.  Currently, one in four high school students and one in two adults in Hawaii are overweight or obese.  The campaign reached about half of Hawaii teens, and 60 percent of those reported drinking fewer sugary drinks as a result of seeing the ads. The Department of Health is re-launching the campaign from now through February 2014, in the hopes of reaching 100 percent of Hawaii teens.  This campaign is part of a comprehensive set of interventions being implemented by the state to address Hawaii’s obesity epidemic.” Click here for the official press release. Visit our Nutrition Resources for Dietitians page to download the factsheet.