The state of Hawai‘i has licensure statute for dietitians. Licensure is a state regulatory action defining minimum competency standards for individuals working in a regulated profession. A licensed dietitian will carry the designation LD.

Why is dietitian licensure important?

  1. Consumer protection
    • consumers need ethical, high quality, evidence-based care provided by professionals who are trained consistently and whose practice has proven outcomes
    • helps the public to identify qualified practitioners
    • establishes minimum competency standards for providing MNT
    • all states regulate occupations and professions that have an impact on the public’s health and safety
  2. Access to quality healthcare
    • insurance reimbursement
    • enables others to have confidence in the dietetics profession (consumers, employers, insurers, other health professionals)
    • language in many federal programs state services must be provided by a licensed health care professional

Hawai‘i Administrative Rules – Licensing of Dietitians

For questions regarding licensure and how to apply, please contact Susan Nakamura at (808) 692-7400.